Monday Warm Up + 15/15/15 Update!

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Weeee! Let’s get this party started!

I am fake upbeat today. It’s Monday, 9am on a bank holiday and I am at work. *sigh* Not that I don’t love my job, but I’d rather be curled up in bed with a latte and a good book with The Golden Girls on in the background. I digress.

Today’s Warm Up question, courtesy Jo Knowles as always, is a good one. I’d love to see others tackle it, if you are so inclined:

Monday Morning Warm-Up: 

What can you do this week that will make you feel good about yourself? 

This can really go so many ways. Personally? Writerly? Generally?

The one thing that makes me feel good, that I LOATHE to do is exercise. I need a distraction, a challenge that draws my attention away from the fact that I’m exercising. Right now my goal is to get in 200 minutes a week. I haven’t really been counting, but that’s like… not hard to do. And I think I’ve been achieving it… but aiming for it keeps me on the walking path or in the gym. When I am done, I feel accomplished, I feel great, I feel healthy. GETTING myself to do it is the thing.

I read…….. a lot. I just really enjoy taking time out of my day to escape to a world that someone else created. When that world is created well, I’m fully immersed. It’s like a vacation.

The one aspect I need to apply this to is my writing life. I need to get over the fact that I think I write OKAY but not as well as others, nowhere near a professional level and certainly not novel level. The ONLY way to get there is to keep writing and keep pushing myself, but… it’s tough. I have a saying called, Keep Your Eyes on Your Own Paper. And it’s really hard when your highest sense of enjoyment involves looking at other people’s papers (books). I so want to be a great writer. Again, i think I am OKAY. Not terrible… and I write pretty good fanfiction but there are legions better than me. And that bothers me.

So what can I do to make me feel good about myself as a writer? Shut off my inner editor. Read something I wrote that I feel like was a stellar piece of work. Read all my reviews from previous stories. Stop telling myself I’m not a good writer. And stop putting so much pressure on myself to write like someone who’s been edited, finessed, polished and published. No one’s that good on the first draft. Including me.

So there’s another goal for the week… come out of it feeling like I have something worthwhile to give to the world and that something is well written.

Now then…

Photo courtesy  Lincolnian (Brian),

Photo courtesy Lincolnian (Brian),

My first 15/15/15 challenge update. I started this for myself midweek last week so this is really just a starting point but I am pleased to announce the following results:

Books- 2/15 read

Chapters- 1/15 written

Pounds- 0/15 lost

The pounds is not a surprise or a disappointment. I lose very slowly… 15lbs is a very lofty goal for my body, but we’ll see how I make out by the end of the year!

Be back next week with another update!

Have a super Monday and remember… THAT THING YOU’RE WRITING IS AWESOME!

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