Monday Morning Warm-Up + 15/15/15 Update 10.21

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Monday Morning Warm-Up:

Think of a meaningful goal you can reach by your next birthday. Maybe one that is good for you, as well as good for someone else. Write it down. You don’t have to tell anyone else what it is. But know you’ve got cheerleaders if you need them.

I have already set a goal for my birthday (March 25th, 2014) to have a draft of my novel finished. Even if it is a steaming pile of crap, it will be DONE and I can move on to editing and revision. I just want to get the story OUT.

Today’s 15/15/15 update-

[progpress title=”Books” goal=”15″ current=”3″ previous=”0″ label=”Books”]

[progpress title=”Pounds” goal=”15″ current=”0″ previous=”0″ label=”Lbs”]

[progpress title=”Chapters” goal=”15″ current=”1″ previous=”0″ label=”Chapters”]

Books Read: 1

Chapters written: 0  ( I did write this weekend, but not a complete chapter)

Lbs lost: 0


Sucky week for me.

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