#FridayReads: Reveled, The Never List, Art of War for Writers

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2330571062_6bb2e45716This Friday finds me full of PLANS. We’ll see if any of them actually pan out.

As I announced earlier this week, the countdown has begun to my 40th birthday and my gift to myself is completion of my novel (no matter what state it is in, I want to say I finished it). I’ve been skirting it long enough… the voices are clearly not going to go away. This weekend my task is to set a side a space in my house for writing.. away from my bed (where I have one of those lap desks and have written just about everything I’ve ever written… crazy, eh? But it’s comfy, and if the ‘writing area’ doesn’t work out, I can always go back to that. I just want to set myself up in a distraction free zone. So I’ll be working on that.

Also working on Chapter 10 of A Thin Line. That story is going pretty well and has renewed my faith in myself as a writer. It was dicey for awhile!

As for reading, I am SOOO digging NetGalley lately! They’ve loaded me up with a ton of egalleys so I’ve had some fun reads that have just been released or will soon be released. This weekend I am reading The Never List , by Koethi Zan which is going pretty quickly; Raveled , by Anne McAneny; and in writing craft-land, The Art of War for Writers , by James Scott Bell. I started that one this morning and I’m enjoying it. Typically reading craft books freaks me out. Since I’m kind of a pantser, it forces me to organize my thoughts about a story I haven’t made up yet into weird technical formations and since I can’t do it, I freak out. Meh. But I am enjoying this one. It’s more about treating writing like going into battle, waging a war, fighting it smart than DO THESE EIGHT THINGS OR YOU’RE A FAILURE AS  A WRITER.

I have also tasked myself with reading some sample synopses and trying my hand at formulating one for BAR. I mapped out my Act I, II, III yesterday, my main plot and subplots. That should help. I hope.

That’s what’s going on in my world… What’s in YOUR Friday Reads?

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