Eight Months and Counting…

Posted 25 July, 2013 by DLWhite in Writers Write 1 Comment

rory8In 8 months, exactly eight months from today, I will turn the glorious age of 40. And I have decided what I want from myself.

I want to finish my novel.

Crazy, I know. I’ve been fighting with it for a long time. I’ve put it away for more than a year. I decided I was done with it.

But it won’t. go. away.

So I decided that no matter how much of a steaming pile of excrement it is… I am going to finish it. When I turn 40, I want to be able to say I accomplished that one thing.

When it’s done, we’ll see where it is, do some revisions and editing and see if it’s any good. I don’t think I want to sell it (because there’s a chance it won’t be any good at all) but I know my mother will want a copy so I do hope to get a couple of copies printed up, just to have and to say that I wrote something.

So, eight months and counting. I have a lot written, but I’m going to have to tear it apart and start over. Go in another direction.

Go back to what works.

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