Review: Cemetary Lake by Paul Cleave

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Cemetery Lake: A ThrillerCemetery Lake: A Thriller by Paul Cleave

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Cemetery Lake begins in a cold and rainy graveyard, where Private Detective Theodore Tate is overseeing an exhumation—a routine job for the weathered former cop. But when doubts are raised about the identity of the body found in the coffin,
the case takes a sinister turn. Tate knows he should walk away and let his former colleagues on the police force deal with it, but his strong sense of justice intervenes.

Complicating matters are a few loose ends from Tate’s past. Even good guys have secrets, and Tate thought his were dead and buried for good. With time running out and a violent killer lurking, will he manage to stay one step ahead of the police, or will his truth be unearthed?

Originally published in Paul Cleave’s native New Zealand in 2008, Cemetery Lake is the first novel to feature Theodore Tate, the
“quintessential flawed hero” (Kirkus Reviews) from Collecting Cooper and The Laughterhouse. Full of the clever plot twists and sardonic humor for which Cleave has become known, it is at once a totally entertaining crime novel and an unforgettable drama about the universal battle against the darkness within

My review:

The number of people that end up dead around Theodore Tate is astounding.

Paul Cleave has quickly risen to the top of my fave authors list. I have a quirky, eclectic taste in books, so that list isn’t very long. I’ve read these books all out of order but that doesn’t even matter to me– that I get to read a deeply engrossing story is what matters to me.

Cleave makes me feel like I’ve left my comfortable couch here in Georgia and have traveled to ChristChurch, NZ (which seems as if it’s coming apart at the seams, if not from the heat, from the multiple grisly murders that seem to occur on daily basis). I love recurring characters and Tate is a strong nail to hang a series of books upon. Every new book brings a continuance of Tate’s journey from revered Detective to suspected murderer to skilled Private investigator.

As usual, Cleave provides vivid imagery, believable and realistic characters and a story line that moves so quickly, you have to read without blinking, for fear you’ll miss something.

Cemetery Lake is still early in Cleave’s career. I’m pleased to note that his style has matured and his books have become even better over time. Cannot wait to read his soon to be released Joe Victim!

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