Not Until You Part by Roni Loren [Review] + postscript

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Not Until You Part VIII: Not Until You Love (Loving On The Edge, #3.58)Not Until You Part  by Roni Loren

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This series is just fantastic. I’ve held off doing a review because I wanted to read the whole story first. I’ve NEVER taken this long to read a Roni Loren novel but I’m so glad this was a serial. It’s been nice to return week after week and take another juicy bite of this shiny red apple of a story. Cela is such a great, down to earth heroine– a character I can identify with and sink my teeth into.

And while I do love adorable, rock dude Pike, I ADORE Foster. He’s so… Mr. Darcy. Brusque, serious but with a gentle side. He does things you don’t expect him to do because he cares about others, but does it so quietly. I love the arc in his character, from “My Way or No Way” to someone that incorporates who the other person IS into how he loves her.

I was most surprised by not only Cela’s father, but Foster’s parents. Just goes to show you how people can be different once you stop expecting them to be a certain way.

A great series and likely a great standalone release as well.

I am already gearing up for Roni’s next book!

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This is a copy/paste from my Goodreads review but I thought I’d add a little postscript here. When I “met” (as in started following around the internet) Roni, she was writing her first novel. She didn’t have an agent or a book deal. She was sharing the lessons she was learning along the way with other writers, and in a way no other author (that I’ve ever followed) has done before. Then she got an agent, and then she sold a book. And another and another and DAMN. Look at her now. I’m inspired by her success and so proud of what shes been able to make of herself

I wish her a long and illustrious career!

Because I always need more books to read. 

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