#FridayReads White Sugar, Brown Sugar + more!

Posted 19 July, 2013 by DLWhite in Writers Read 0 Comments

ID-10020417This edition of Friday Reads is brought to you by my renewed interest in NetGalley.com. I just recently cracked open the site again and found a few books that have just been published or will soon be released in ebook format. I requested them and was granted a reviewer’s copy via my Kindle. Now in addition to the freebies I’ve been picking up from One Hundred Free Books, my Kindle is seriously stuffed to overflowing with reading material. I need not ever claim to be bored.

This weekend I plan to finish White Sugar, Brown Sugar, a story about a black boy and a white boy who become friends- struggles ensue.

I’m also working on Where the Mountains are Thieves, and I was also granted Sandra Brown’s Deadline and Envy. LOVE Sandra Brown.

This doesn’t even begin to cover the long litany of books I’ve recently acquired that I just had to have so I could read them. I need more hours in the day for reading and also writing in addition to sometimes eating and socializing. Who needs sleep anyway?


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