#FridayReads- The Road from Gap Creek, Runaway Attraction

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This weekend’s reading is sponsored by NetGalley! I have two reads I need to finish so that I can provide reviews for them. Keeping it at two so that I have time to get to some writing as well. I promised I would work on Chapter 15 of A Thin Line this week. Well, I thought about it.  More on writing later.

But first… BOOKS!

Runaway Attraction is a Harlequin Kimani Romance, which is their line of African American romances. Haven’t read one before but it looked interesting and I’m trying to read more black authors, so I requested it and was approved.

Model Bailey Hamilton made headlines when she was kidnapped and then rescued. Now, TV documentary producer Micah Jones has made her an offer she wants to refuse: a candid interview to stop wild rumors that threaten her career. Micah’s tempting Bailey to let down her barriers and give in to passion. 

The last person to interview Bailey before she was taken, Micah blames himself for what happened. Determined to make amends, he’s blindsided by his desire for the exotic Manhattan model. Speculation about her disappearance thrusts Bailey into the eye of the storm again, and their affair could be over before it begins. Will Micah uncover the truth and avoid the media circus that could cost him his future with the woman he loves?

This book is scheduled to be released October 2nd.

The Road from Gap Creek was published in August and I had already snagged it to read, but I was approved for it at NetGalley so I figured I’d bump it up in the queue and increase my review to approved ratio.  This is really stressing me out now, since NetGalley puts it front and center. I need to review lots more books for them so I can start getting approved for the more popular titles.

One of America s most acclaimed writers journeys to the land on which he has staked a literary claim to paint an indelible portrait of a family in a time of unprecedented change. When Robert Morgan began the saga of the Richards family in his novel Gap Creek, the book became an Oprah Book Club Selection, attracting hundreds of thousands of readers to its beguiling story of a marriage begun with love and hope but beset by chaos at the turn of the twentieth century. Now, in a masterful work of historical fiction, he introduces a new generation of this close-knit family in a captivating story that looks ahead to the uncertainties of the future, the struggle to define oneself, and the discovery of enduring love.

You’ll notice the description doesn’t give you much clue as to what the book is about. Confidentially, neither does the book. Anyway…. I’m reading it and ti’s not terrible but it’s one of those books where I’m thinking…….what is this book about? Some things happen and they’re meaningful? Okay.

Those are my Friday Reads! What are you reading???

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