#FridayReads – Furious Cool, Disappearing Acts (+tiny writing update)

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I feel like all I ever talk about here are books. I DO actually write. Just not that often.  I write in a pretty limited interest box and I figure people don’t care. I mean, I honestly don’t care when people say they write steampunk or HP fanfic or death metal poetry. So if you’re wondering how the writing is going……….eh. I haven’t written a single additional word on Brunch at Ruby’s. I’m back to wondering if it’s crap and if I should just dump the idea. [Insert whiny rambling about that here. I’m tired of listening to myself complain.]

Hoping that reading helps kick up my creativity  I can still READ, so this weekend I’m going to be less ambitious than I have been in the past. I normally pick like three books for the weekend and only end up getting through one, if that. I started Disappearing Acts by Terry McMillan. Very early in the book but it’s good so far. I also got a pre-release copy of Furious Cool, by David Henry and Joe Henry ( I don’t know if they’re brothers but I assume so, and since I am too lazy to look it up, we’ll go with that), a third party memoir, if you will, of the Great Richard Pryor. Looking forward to reading it, though I am typically not a fan of memoirs. This one came to me via NetGalley.

Setting up a pretty easy weekend for myself! Hope you all enjoy your reads!

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