Envy by Sandra Brown [Review]

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EnvyEnvy by Sandra Brown

My rating: 4 of 5 stars


Living on a remote island under an assumed name, novelist Parker Evans guards his secrets well. Fascinated by this reclusive genius, publisher Maris Matherly-Reed decides to pursue him. But this new project threatens an old commitment, a commitment at the very center of her life. Envy has all the ingredients of a Sandra Brown beach read bestseller

My Review:

I was furnished a copy of this book via NetGalley.

Obviously I need to read Sandra Brown’s entire backlog of romantic suspense, because WOW.

I first discovered her years and years ago when I read Alibi. I borrowed it from my mother and promptly forgot about Sandra Brown. Years later she popped up with Rainwater and since it was historical fiction, I snapped it up, read it, enjoyed. I read her next release, Low Pressure and liked it. So when NetGalley had this one up for grabs, I requested it. I will never regret it!

I won’t re-hash the summary, we can all read that at Goodreads. My only issue is that a few characters have very stiff, verbose language. The dialogue just sticks right in my craw and I think… no one talks like that. Noah especially sounded like he had a stick up his you-know.Okay another less irritating part of the story was Maris falling in love with an author based on his book. I couldn’t really get into that. Nor could I get into her falling so quickly for Parker. This is why romances can sometimes be so difficult for me!

Other than that, I truly enjoyed how the story/stories unfolded. Noah is a frightening antagonist and I thought for sure he was going to get his way. Maris surprised me– she came out smarter and more shrewd than I pictured her to be. The real hero of this story is Daniel, though. Go old man! Parker is… gruff and unlikeable at first. And Mike. Dear Mike. I never caught onto who he was until Maris discovered it!

I loved the pacing of this novel. Some stories just drag on and on and I find myself skipping parts. I don’t think I skipped a single page. I read this book in a single day and just could not put it down, which is a rarity for me.

A hit for Ms. Brown and I hope releasing it as an eBook brings new life!

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