15/15/15 Challenge Update

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Okay I’ll be honest, I haven’t been very succint in my counting for this challenge, but as of today, my numbers are current and accurate so……..there we go. UPDATEYPOO.


Photo courtesy  Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

Photo courtesy Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

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We can thank National Novel Writing month for the uptick in chapters. I also went on a little reading binge this weekend. Felt gooooooood to get some titles under my belt. I now have 5 books to read before I hit my goal of 75 books for the year. I’ll likely exceed that because I agreed to read a metric CRAPTON of books for Harlequin and after writing 50,000+ words in Novemeber, I know that I will not want to look at Microsoft Word in any way and I will bury myself in books.

If you want to know what I read/am reading the easiest thing is to check me out at GoodReads. I think you have to be a member to see my profile. NO LOOKYLOOS!

As far as NANO goes:

nanowrimo1 (1)



Really good week! I am into Act II, I think. I don’t know, I keep trying to plan and hit road blocks and then decide to JUST WRITE and see where it goes, and then compare it to my story arc and see where I am and then freak out because I am just TYPING and not going anywhere but that doesn’t matter because I can fix it in revision.

Deep breath.

Right? I heard that that was what I could do. So yes.

I made it over the 25K hump this weekend so that is good. “Winning” for Nano is 50,000 words, done or not. I will hit that with no problem. Writing to DONE is the problem and won’t happen in Nov. This book will be at least 100K words when I finish and then I’ll cut it back. There are three central characters, which makes the story longer. I tried cutting them down, it doesn’t work, so I’m going to JUST WRITE and see where it takes me.

More writing tonight after gyming!


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