15/15/15 challenge update (late edition)

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I totally spaced doing this yesterday!


Photo courtesy  Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

Photo courtesy Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

[progpress title=”Books” goal=”15″ current=”12″ previous=”0″ label=”Books”]

[progpress title=”Pounds” goal=”15″ current=”3″ previous=”0″ label=”Lbs”]

[progpress title=”Chapters” goal=”15″ current=”10″ previous=”0″ label=”Chapters”]

Everything’s fantastic here. Good writing progress last week, especially with a couple of sprints over the weekend. “Winning” for NaNoWriMo is 50,000 words. For me that’s slightly under 50% done with the book.  I’m making great progress, however I know I won’t hit the finish line on Nov 30th.

Weight loss……..continues. I lose slowly so I”m okay with that. I’m entering the time of the month during which I usually lose so yay? Right.

And I finished two books over the past week, so awesome. I’m at 72 of 75 books read for the year!




and 800 million books on my TBR list……………..


Have a great week. WRITE ON!

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