15/15/15 Challenge + NaNoWriMo! Update

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Hello old friends! It’s Monday again (how does that keep happening??) so it’s time for  some updates!

Photo courtesy  Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

Photo courtesy Lincolnian (Brian), Flickr.com

Let’s take care of the challenge update first:

[progpress title=”Books” goal=”15″ current=”4″ previous=”0″ label=”Books”]

[progpress title=”Pounds” goal=”15″ current=”2″ previous=”0″ label=”Lbs”]

[progpress title=”Chapters” goal=”15″ current=”2″ previous=”0″ label=”Chapters”]

Not a bad week at all! In fact I am pretty pleased. I got in another book read and a chapter written. No weight loss, since I usually don’t see changes in my weight but once a month. I am, however, wearing a smaller size today so I still get to do a victory dance!

On to NaNoWriMo!

nanowrimo1 (1)

Current word count is

  • 8093 words so far

I’m also very pleased with that. Right on track. I am seeing some folks with amazing numbers and I think that’s cool. I’m afraid of burning out, so I am taking it slow. I had a great convo with a blogging/writing friend yesterday so I have some new ammo with which to go at this project. I’m optimistic.



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