Writing Wednesday- On Writing & Tools of the Trade

Posted 15 February, 2012 by DLWhite in Writers Write 4 Comments

Hi, friends!

I have a tiny update on the progress of the book and I want to talk about the tools we writers use to stay on task and write our writes.

On Writing

Writing last week was a bit lackluster, but I made up for it on Sunday with about 4,000 words. Monday night I didn’t write and yesterday I got in about 1,500 words over the course of the day, including one session of 1K1H (one K one hour, where we commit to writing 1,000 words or one hour, which ever comes first). I am up to 27,000 words and have reached nearly the end of chapter 5, when the pot is just beginning to stir on the scandal that is beginning to tear my friends apart. This is the point where I really like the story and can’t seem to get the words out of my head fast enough. It’s a great feeling.

Tools of the Trade

Last night, as I was using my iPhone to record myself reading a portion of chapter 5, I started to think about all the nifty gadgets I use to make this writing thing possible. There’s:

  • NetBook– I bought a barely used Samsung 10″ Netbook from a friend. It’s so small, it fits in the bag I take to work everyday. I packed this bag with my pens, pencils, journal, pad of sticky notes and power cord and call it my writing bag. I drag it everywhere, now.
  • Internet (more specifically, Chrome web browser) – Always a never ending resource, especially when I use a web browser that lets me collect web pages in folders. This way when I go to check something, I go straight to my project folder on Chrome (which is synchronized on all of my computers so the same web folders show up everywhere) and my research is right there at my fingertips.
  • Flash drives, Dropbox and email– this is a bad, bad habit I am trying to break, but I always email myself a copy of my WIP at the end of the night. That way I have a copy to look at in the morning when I am fresh. This usually works great, except when I forget to email myself a copy and then I have nothing to work with the next day. I am trying to get into the habit of duplicating my efforts and uploading to dropbox or saving to a flashdrive. It’s a step that I am not accustomed to making, so it’s not on my mind when I am saving and emailing. It could sure save me today, when I don’t have pages to look at. Also, after watching Jennifer Weiner go through almost losing her novel yesterday,  I need a backup copy because if I lost the 61 pages I’ve written, I’d be devastated, let alone an entire novel.
  • Evernote– I was late to the Evernote train. I’d tried it a few times and could never get the gist of it. I started using it to go chapter by chapter and plot what happens in the book and now… I use Evernote at least once a week to update where I’m going. I try to get down to the minute detail at least a chapter or two ahead of where I am. I don’t want to write myself into a corner like I did before with other stories, then have to ‘untell’ the story and start from another point. At least with this book, no one is reading as I go, but it’s wasted time and keystrokes, writing toward a dead end.

What tips and tricks do you use to help, further, better your writing? What do you use to make your writing life easier?

4 Responses to “Writing Wednesday- On Writing & Tools of the Trade”

  1. I can’t live without the internet!!! LOL! It’s an invaluable tool for writing. Anything I want to know is right at my finger tips. And I’m pretty attached to my smartphone (I have a Droid).