Writing Wednesday: Fat Guy in a Little Coat

Posted 1 February, 2012 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

That has nothing to do with anything, it’s just funny to me and it came to mind this morning when I woke up.

It’s February 1, and today I start writing my new project.

Well, to be clear it is my new OLD Project and I am REstarting it. I tried to be one of those hip, cool writers that just write scenes and then put them together later and I had about 4 scenes written that were just directionless blather and I was lost and gave up.

And then I took a month off from reading and writing because I was so frustrated.
Six months later, I’m going at it again with something that resembles a plot and, knowing that I am a linear writer, I am starting at the beginning and writing my way through.

I’m nervous about it, if I’m honest. I have a history of getting to the end of Chapter 1 and then thinking…….well, now what? Hopefully that’s where the plot comes in. It’s like knowing what a book is about but not what happens in it. I can’t plan every page, but I know my major beats… it’s getting TO them that’s the challenge.

And if you need something to laugh at, watch Chris Farley bust out of a too-small wool coat. It eases the tension!

Anyone starting something new, digging up something old to bang on, working on something today? Please share in my excitement!

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