So these Anti Resolutions I’ve set…

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It’s Wednesday. I am blogging. I did not announce a plan to blog. I opened WordPress and started writing.

This is how my antiresolutions are going to have to go. And you know? It’s hard!

I think it’s second nature to announce what we’re planning to do. And to plan! Failing to plan is planning to fail, is how that saying goes. Though, I think planning and then not executing said plan has a lot to do with failure as well. When you eliminate the planning and the announcement of the planning, there’s nothing left but to DO.

It was my….plan….to read a lot in January and take a break on the writing, particularly because life is pretty slow and droll for me during this month. I’ve read 3 books so far (really) and am on #4. I’ve been picking books that seem easy to get through, around 300 pages. Reading for the sheer enjoyment of it.

Sunday, I picked up Between Friends, a novel by a writer that I follow on twitter DL Sparks. This is her third novel, and as usual with her, I can’t stop reading once I start.

Then I read a mystery/detective type novel- Blindsighted by Karen Slaughter. This story line was… weird. Intriguing, but weird! I watch Criminal Minds and Discovery ID though so I’m used to weird. Couldn’t have been too bad… I’ve started on the 2nd book in the series!

Yesterday I read Crash Into You, a debut novel by one of my writing inspirations, Roni Loren.  This is a steamy erotic romance about two people who were lovers in a past life, reconnecting in a uhmmmmm very sizzling way. You’ll have to read the book to find out what I mean, but Crash Into You is a well written, entertaining debut. Very proud of Roni.

I was talking to a friend last night about these writer people I know releasing books. This time last year I would have been so jealous I couldn’t see straight. This year,  I’m not. I mean, I’d love for it to happen to me, but I’ve discovered that the only thing standing between me and a completed novel is…… So once I get out of my own way, it’ll happen to me, too.

I wish I could report on the writing, but I haven’t done any. And according to my mantra for this year, I’m not going to plan to do it either. I’ll let you know when I’ve done some and how it went.

See? HARD!

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