Monday warm-up: Who are you and what do you write?

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Today’s warm-up is late but at least it’s coming. I was determined to blog today so I’m blogging. I stole today’s  warm-up question from the Nanowrimo blog instead of our usual Monday warm-up.

To answer both questions simply, I am Dom and I write fiction. I’ve written fanfiction, literary fiction, I suppose what people would call Chick lit, and erotic fiction. Very amateur  erotic fiction, lol.  I just call it plain old fiction.

I have been writing since I was young, making up stories since I was old enough to hold a pen. I would write them in notebooks and a friend would illustrate them. I remember doing this as far back as eight years old. I remember writing skits and short plays for my brothers and cousins and I to perform my family would come to visit. When I was in high school I won awards and even a scholarship for my writing. However when I got to college,  textbooks took over fiction novels and papers and essays to took over poems and long and short stories.

I didn’t write for a long time, let’s say about 10 or 15 years, until I saw some people making up stories about one of my favorite music groups. At first I thought it was weird. And then I thought it was easy. And if I wanted to start writing again, maybe I could do what they were doing and get in some practice.   That was in 2009 and about 10 or 15 pretty good fanfiction stories later I have graduated to regular, non-creepy fiction. (Some of my friends are going to laugh at that.) A few of my stories are novel length and if I had the patience and the will I could edit them into some very bad first novels. I haven’t completely retired from fanfiction, but at this point I think I am ready to write a full-fledged standard novel. Well, I thought I was. I’ve been struggling to get past chapter 5 since February.

I am a member of a monthly brunch group that has been meeting for about two years to eat, drink and talk. The idea for my novel sprang from spending time with these women who are from very different backgrounds but fit into the group so well. I wanted to write something about three people who thought they were all were very different and had to learn that they were mostly the same. Or something like that. I’ll figure it out later.

That’s pretty much it. Very surface I realize, but I have about 10 days before Nanos starts and I’m sure I will expound more before and during the process.

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