#FridayReads -The Grapes of Wrath + It’s almost time!

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This Friday Reads finds me at the tail end of a great book, The Grapes of Wrath. Yes, I did just call this a great book. I was thinking this morning, as I was driving through the pre-dawn morning traffic, that this story is so wasted on the youth. I have no idea why teenagers are made to read it. I never had to, but I can’t say I would have enjoyed it or understood it better than I understand it now. It’s eerie how it’s so relevant to today – families being forced out of their own homes due to the economy with no choice but to pack up and go where the work is. Only when they get to what is supposed to be the promised land, they find they’ve been sold the same dream as so many others, and there’s only so many pieces of the dream to go around. So much work and sacrifice, sometimes for nothing—and all you can do is keep going.

Yes, I’ve really enjoyed this book. It’s been slow going though, since I’m reading via audiobook. At night I follow along with my e-copy. I’ll probably read more Steinbeck.

My reading has been lax this week because I’ve been devoting time to my new project. My novel, tentatively titled Brunch at Ruby’s, will officially launch February 1.That is, I’ll start writing it.  I’ve been doing some prep-work, working through plotting the beats and having fun with developing my characters, their tastes and likes. I’ve been using Pinterest to build a pin board of things I think my characters like—everything from physical features to persona style, where they live, their decorating flair (or lack thereof), even what kind of food they like. It’s been fun, but also hard work to create a person from dust. Paired with the character survey, I feel more and more like these are real people living in my head.

I’m nervous to start writing next week, but I also know I’ve been holding back a few words, making myself wait until my official start date. Deciding to NOT write in January has been good for me. It’s made me long to get back to it and planted a few ideas in my head. It also took away the pressure of updating and editing and the old ‘ I’ve got to think of something new right STAT now!’  I like to harass myself by imposing impossible deadlines to complete difficult tasks.  I guess I feel like I’m not really working if I’m not working my fingers to the bone.

But that’s next week. This weekend will be one of reading leisure. I’ve a ton of books to choose from—I purchased Gathering of Waters by Bernice McFadden (big fan of her work) and I’ll be reading that tomorrow. Joshlynn Jackson has a new book out this week as well, and I picked up a few new ones in the last few weeks.  Just have to pick one and open it up.

A fine problem to have. :)

Happy Friday, Lovers!

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