#FridayReads – Melt Into You- Roni Loren; The Racketeer- John Grisham

Posted 26 October, 2012 by DLWhite in Writers Read 1 Comment

This week has been slow for reading, hoping to catch up over the weekend. I’ve been reading Roni Loren Loving on the Edge Series and I just cracked open Melt Into You. I read Crash Into You the day it came out. STEAMY read, but also a well developed story line, two things I love about erotic fiction. Melt Into You goes into the story of Evan and Jace and how they got together.


Of course I had to full stop, put everything down on Tuesday because John Grisham’s new book The Racketeer was released and I of course have to read every Grisham the second it comes out! I’m still reading, just under halfway through, but it’s pretty good. I feel, though, like his books are dancing on the edge of repeating. His last book reminded me a lot of King of Torts and this book is reminiscent of The Associate. *shrug* It’s still good and I am still reading it and you know what they say… there are no original ideas.

This weekend I plan to finish The Racketeer and probably dig into another Lynwood Barclay but I don’t know which one yet. Should be fun!



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  1. crankypantz

    That didn’t actually occur to me until you mentioned it, the repetition in Grisham’s stories but I thoroughly enjoyed this one and no matter what, I’ll anxiously await his next one (but not a Boone one) because well, it’s Grisham. His books are just a must-have for me, really.

    I still need to finish all those Lescroart books too but there’s too much other shiny stuff distracting me. Ah, books. I love them so.