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I started this blog earlier today but it imploded, and rather than throw the machine across the room, I gave myself a few minutes to settle down so here I am trying it again.

1. Challenges- the 30Write Now challenge is a bit of a bust. I have MAYBE 5 entries for October. I see the prompt, get nothing, don’t worry myself about it and move on with my day.Then my uncle passed away and I spent almost a week in a funk of driving everyone everywhere and I live a good HOUR from everyone else. My dad demands so much of my time when he is here. We have developed a really funny, mutually annoying relationship. It’s nice to be almost 40 and talk to my father like an adult and not a child, afraid of saying the wrong thing. We had some great conversations… and if I were a personal blogger, it would be cool to get it all out on paper. Since I’m not, they’ll just keep rolling around in my head until they come out in a character or something. Cause believe me, I exorcise my demons through fiction. ANYWHOOZLE. I’m not giving up, but the challenge is just not top of mind right now.

2.What IS top of mind is blogging and writing. I tried, a week or so ago to get back to my M/W/F/Sun schedule of blogging and didn’t do so hot. This week I am setting reminders, because I forget about all my lofty goals until it’s been 3 weeks since I said I was going to do that thing. So… hopefully October (I just typed July…what?) won’t end as crappy as it started.

3. I have been digging reading again. I can tell it’s autumn because I don’t think about all the cool places I can go. I am starting to hibernate and devour books again. This weekend I decided to set aside some time to just READ. And I did. I finished The Dry Grass of August and read Penance and Practice to Deceive by David Housewright. He’s becoming one of those authors where I need to read everything he’s written, joining the likes of Ted Dekker, Jon Lescroart, John Grisham, and Lynwood Barclay. Still making my way through those collections and enjoying it immensely. If you’re interested in what I read, join me at Goodreads!

Back to my Uncle…. he died from Alzheimer’s. Which is… I don’t know… because one of the characters in my story has Alzheimer’s and a major storyline is his daughter dealing with the increasing difficulty of caring for him. Except when I had the idea for this story, I didn’t know he had it… he hadn’t even been diagnosed.

4. NaNoWriMo I did this in 2009 and enjoyed it. I hit 50K words around halfway through and 100K by the end of the month. I didn’t finish the actual story until a year later. It remains one of the best stories I’ve ever written.  This year I am not officially doing NaNo… I have a novel that I’ve been hammering at. I’d like to add 50K words to it so I am going to treat the new words like they’re a new novel and try to get a portion of this book out of my head so I can edit it up.  Wish me luck. I’m on the NaNo site HERE.

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