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Uhmmm Fail.

Posted 26 September, 2012 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

I did not, in fact, #writelikecrazy in August. I didn’t add a single word to my WIP in the month of August. In September I have added under 1000. I am pretty stuck with a lackluster manuscript and not really any idea how to fix it or where to take it. Ignoring it isn’t working either. I don’t know….

Every weekend I tell myself I am going to sit down and just write. And every weekend I find something else I’d rather be doing and do that. One night last week I listened to some music and wrote for a few hours, almost got 1000 words in. And nothing since. I know the events, the beats. it’s the in betweens, it’s the ‘what now’, it’s the ‘what happens after that?’ and the little nits I find when i read it over, like ‘you said sounds in the same paragraph twice, you dummy!’ that keep me from being able to move forward. Turning off the inner critic-slash-editor is impossible these days. I’m really so, so afraid that it sucks.

I can’t give up though. Every time I think about not going back to it, I just don’t seem to be able to. I keep opening it, looking at it, reading through it, closing it. Every day I open this document. One of these days I’ll be able to push it forward. I found my outline, and I am going to go through that and see if I can devise a way to keep going.

Wish me luck!

In the meantime, I am still reading a lot, trying to feed my creative mind. I am blogging mostly at Tumblr… something about logging into wordpress makes a blog seem so SERIOUS. I toyed with closing this site, or at least the blog, but I don’t feel led to do that right now. This spot will stay open, for now. I suppose.

How are your stories going?