Writing Wednesdays 8/24: In which I am featured at StoryFix!

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Good Wednesday Morning, Fellow Writers! I have an exciting announcement today!

After much nervousness and changing my mind and changing it back and finally just putting my big girl pants on and DOING IT, one of my pieces- Try to Say No– is featured on the Peer Review Page at Story Fix! Yay!

And I already have one comment in which someone does NOT hate it! Even more yay! (It’s pitiful how big my smile was when I saw that first comment.)

If you’ve been following this blog for awhile, you’ve seen the evolution of this piece. I have reworked it since it appeared at Short-Story.net and I feel it is the best it has ever been.  Something about the past tense wasn’t working for me. I changed a bit of the imagery, revised the tense, punched up some scenes and removed some “explanation”. Sometimes it’s better to just let the words stand for themselves and let the reader figure things out. It really is a process, you know?

It is… nerve wracking to have your work posted for public consumption, especially on a site where so many will see it. It is not unlike that nightmare we have where we arrive at school naked and everyone can see our private bits.  Even worse than someone having something bad to say is no one saying anything at all, especially if you are kind of proud of your private bits. A piece generating zero reaction is… well. I mean. A failure. So I am at least hoping for really good or really bad comments.

But seriously, really good comments would be great. I’m also hoping for some constructive criticism on how I could improve it or what doesn’t work.

I want to thank my friend Sarah over at He Loves Me Not, who gave me a swift kick in the pants and made me submit after she was so kind as to review it for me.  I submitted it yesterday and I expected it to be a few days but it is already up and available to read and review. If you have a few extra moments, please pop over and take a read and leave a comment about how terrible awesome it is.

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