Writing Wednesdays 8.10 – Ya know what??? Nuh uh.

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Hi folks and fellow writers! It’s another Wednesday, so it’s another day to talk about Writing- where we are with our WIPs and what we’ve discovered during our writing journeys.

After a long bout of avoidance and procrastinating on easy stuff and doing everything but working on my novel, I finally pulled out New Project. And ya know what?


Uh. Uh.

No wonder I can’t get past my current point. There’s nothing there! Nothing good, anyway. It’s an info/backstory dump. The story starts in the wrong place. Doesn’t go in depth enough. And doesn’t make the reader care a tiny bit.

Yesterday I threatened to delete the whole thing. But I’m not going to do that. Instead, I am going to start over, using what I have as a base. I think, though, first I am going to do a synopsis, which is an overview of the book, told in 3-4 pages.  If I can’t get my act together enough to write a synopsis, I can’t write this entire story.

I really fear that I haven’t thought this out enough. I get to a certain point and think. Well, now what happens? I read books and I see beats of action, information, dialog, everyday events and I think……….where does that come from? How did the author plan that out?

If I think about the longest. story. evar, I had an end result in mind.  I had certain things that had to happen in order for my end result to make sense. I also had to show a long stretch of time, to build up not only tension, but believability. I couldn’t have my characters fall in love in chapter 3… I just don’t believe it happens that way and I roll my eyes when I see it.

It has to be the same for New Project. I need an end result. And then I think I need to work backward to figure out how my characters get from Point Z to Point A.

I’ve also upped the ante on myself… I joined a… GULP… writer’s group. It’s a local group for Mainstream, Paranormal and Erotic Romance Writers. It looks like just a few participate, which is REALLY FINE. I need to get out of the mode of only letting people who I know will be nice to me, read my work. It’s time to step out of my bubble a little. The only way I am going to get better is to let people tell me what they think/feel about it and go from there. I’m not really afraid of criticism. I’m afraid of not knowing what to do to fix what’s wrong and having to abandon something I put a lot of work into. One of my Twiends says she has a serious aversion to f*cking up. I totally agree. The next meeting is a few weeks so I’ve challenged myself to get a chapter re-written and out of the way, so that if, by chance, I lose my mind and decide to read some, I’ll have something ready.
Wish me luck and pray I don’t chicken out. I’m liable to.


PS. Apparently as a black person I am not supposed to see or like or support this film, but saw The Help last night and very much enjoyed it. Almost true to the book, a few liberties taken, but an enjoyable film overall. Surprisingly funny, with lots of moments to cheer.

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  1. I always need an end point. I don’t have to have the whole story planned out, but I brainstorm and list 40 things that could happen in the novel. Then I put those ideas on index cards and arrange them in an order that works. Then I pick one up and write the scene, knowing only where it needs to end to lead to the next and what the main thing is that has to happen. Enjoy your plotting, your backstory will come in handy :)
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