WIP Wednesday- Whatcha workin’ on?

Posted 26 January, 2011 by DLWhite in WIPs, Writers Write 0 Comments

It’s Wednesday again… how does that keep happening?

I am happy to say that I may actually be working on the last chapter of my Fan Fiction Serial All I Wanna Do.  We’ll see. I’m fleshing it out right now but I don’t think I have enough story left for two chapters.

Completing this story means a lot to me, and completing it in January would be awesome because I started it in January of 2009. Two years have gone into this thing and I will be sort of sad to see it go, but I really want to work on something different.

While I think I’ll always write fanfiction, I’m not sure if I’ll ever do a long story like this again. Or if I do, I won’t drag it out for 2 yrs.

So, it’s #WIPWednesday… what are YOU working on?

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