WIP Wednesday on Thursday

Posted 10 February, 2011 by DLWhite in WIPs, Writers Write 0 Comments

Missed yesterday, but I didn’t think it would be that huge of a deal since I am typically only working on one thing– my fan fiction serial story. Since I’ve launched Things My Mama Said, in support of my (hopefully) book Mama Said, I guess I have more to write about, so I decided to catch up.

Things are going swimmingly as far as contributions go. I haven’t counted but I am up over 20, I am sure. I sent out an email to folks I know, asking them to pass the link along and encouraging them to contribute.

Anyone know of any other ideas to get the word out?

I’m also doing some research and looking for ideas/recommends on great books on writing non fiction/literary non fiction/ creative nonfiction. I openly admit to not really knowing what I am doing, and I am wide open to suggestions and pointers!

I’ve started ch. 62, the for serious final chapter of All I Wanna Do. In regular fashion, I write about 1000 words, let them sink in, and then let it grow from there. Hopefully I can dig into it this weekend. I really want to bring that story to a close in February. It will be sad, but also exciting to be moving on to other things.

I also sort of feel like I want to write a short story but I don’t know what about. Maybe I need a jumping off point, a prompt or something.

What are YOU working on, and how’s it going?

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