WIP Wednesday 3/2/2011: Something old, something new

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I actually sort of have an update for WIPWednesday!

Despite my groaning about doing another fanfic story, another idea crept into my head and I’ve been plugging away at it for a few days. I don’t want to pay too much attention to it, because if I do, it’ll go away. I think it has legs, though. It’s a bit different than I’ve written before, but then again, we all know I hate writing the same story over and over. I have issues with straddling the line between a complex plot and just way too much going on. I am hoping this will be a shortie (and in my world, a shortie is about 20K words. I know).

After that, I have an idea brewing for something original. I’m not as blazing about it as I was a few days ago, though. Mostly because trying to develop the story arc and define my characters has me drawing a blank. I may have just got caught up in a moment and let myself get overly excited about something. Who knows. It’ll come, if it’s coming.

I’ve official put away Caged Bird Singing. I’m about to remove it from my Writers Write page. It just never came together for me and I feel like if I let it go, I can stop trying to go back to it and torturing myself with the fact that I can’t get past chapter 1. I actually was reminded of this project when I read today’s post at Fuel Your Writing:

Don’t Let the ‘B’ Word Ruin Your Writing

Alight with potential, you settle in to write this thing. You eke out a few rough pages, hit ‘save’ and close the project down for the day. In the ensuing weeks, you tell everyone that you’re writing a book. You come to relish your new self-generated identity as an author. Visions of you sitting next to Oprah fuel your days.

There’s only one problem in this new, better version of yourself. After that initial foray into the content of the book, you’ve stopped actually writing the book.

Your fantasy of yourself, once so seductive and energizing, has coiled back on you like a snake let loose from its charmer’s basket. Your dream is now coming back to attack you – as a monstrous, frightful demon.

You avoid writing anything, and soon you also avoid all the people you told you were writing abook. You can’t stand the innocuous question that drives you crazy: “How’s the book coming?”

Convinced that you’re a putty-spined loser, you let the vision of writing the book fade as you settle back into your routine. Who were you to think you could write a book, anyway?

This was me, right after I decided I could write a book.  I was intimidated by the book. And then the book stopped happening and I stopped writing a book. The same thing has happened with MamaSaid. I REALLY want to put something out there, but it is going to take more work than I originally planned and by the way, I WAS WRITING A BOOK!!!!!! Ugh. That one will resurface, I am sure.

So, fellow writers…. what are you working on???

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