The Sunday Snippet: Trapped By Everything He Is

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Haven’t done this for a few weeks, so here’s a snip!


This is from All I Wanna Do, a novel length serial about the ultimate fan girl fantasy– meeting, dating, and falling in love with a member of the band… except that it’s not as glamorous as one might imagine.  In this scene, my lovebirds have had their biggest blowout yet and Serena has temporarily moved out, expecting JC to come after her. But he doesn’t and now she’s stuck. This conversation is between her and his brother:

“We weren’t really talking about kids. Not seriously, anyway.”

I tried not to remember JC’s flippant comments during our vacation about our girls and boys and my futile attempts to stop picturing them in my head-bright blue eyes, mops of thick brown curls, pretty voices. Sweet little people. Like their dad. Who was I kidding? Of course I wanted that with him.

“I’m sure everyone’s asking how you’re doing and stuff. But I haven’t. So how are you?”

“Life sucks right now, to be honest.”  I shoveled a mouthful of omelet into my mouth but I couldn’t even taste it. I had no appetite since there was no one to pick on my appetite, anymore.

“Yeah.  The house is different without you. You know I didn’t mean what I said, right? About moving out?”

“No, I didn’t know that,” I said, my eyes  flicking up at his. “Actually, I was pretty sure you meant it. And it was okay to mean it. It wasn’t fair to turn everything upside down, for me. It was about more than what you said, though. I’m just having a hard time adjusting and with JC not here… and he wasn’t even home before he told me he was leaving again. I just… I thought maybe…”

“You know what?”  Tyler leaned forward, his hands tightly clasped in front of him. He was rarely serious, but this was one of those rare times when there was no impish smile or glint to his eye.

“You’re a smart girl, Serena. Your brain is big, and you make sure everyone knows it. You’re sensible and practical and down to earth and real. You’ve got a good head on your shoulders and you’re real independent and self-sufficient and that’s all well and good, but sometimes it’s not about being independent and proving that you don’t need help and you don’t need anyone. Sometimes it takes being a strong person to realize that while you can do everything yourself and be a lone ranger, it’s not half as meaningful as building something with someone else.”

“I know that and I miss building with him, but I-”

“You want it your way or not at all.”

“And so does he,” I shot back. “And I don’t know what his hurry is, but the harder he pushes me, the less I want it his way. He runs over me with his opinions and his plans and when I was there, in his house with nothing that’s mine but the clothes on my back, I just felt… trapped by everything he is.”

He nodded slowly as he listened. After a few beats of silence, he asked,  “So, how do you feel right now? Any better than trapped? Things looking up for you, living in Lara’s guest bedroom?”

“Okay. That’s enough. I hear you. I do. I just. I gotta figure this out.”

I stabbed the fork into the not even half-eaten omelet and slid out of the booth.

“Well, you better figure it out fast. He leaves tomorrow.”

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