Sunday Snip- Friday Night Poker Club

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Today in my romp through my archive of posted work, I came upon a story I tried to write a few years ago but it didn’t take off. I got one good chapter and never wrote anymore. It was actually my first attempt at an Alternate Universe story and it was meant to continue around to the lives of all five members. What I got of it was okay. Maybe someday I’ll finish it or give it to someone who could make it work.

This snip is from Friday Night Poker Club (fan fiction):

A short time later, headlights lit up the living room as Justin pulled into the garage. “That’s my cue, I guess,” said Paul.

“Oh, you– you don’t have to go. Justin’s cool.”

“I know. I just… I’m beat anyway and I want to get my beauty sleep for tomorrow night,” he said, giving Lance a quick wink of an ocean blue eye. Paul and Justin passed each other on the way out, exchanging pleasantries toward each other.

“You look like a teenager, with that slapass grin on your face,” said Justin. “You get some?”

“No. But I got a date.” Lance shifted his weight from foot to foot, grinning like a fool.

“A date?” asked Justin, whipping around to face Lance. “Like, in public? Like a date, date? A pick you up, take you to dinner, go somewhere romantic and hold hands and kiss so people can beat you up and I have to murder people, date?”

“You’re so protective. I learned my lesson the last time. Paul isn’t out. He wants to stay that way. I respect that. We’ll go eat and catch a game at UCF. It’ll be fine. Okay?”

Justin’s frown was set like granite. His jaw twitched and his eyes were dark and the vein in his neck throbbed.

“Just be careful, alright? I can’t handle another episode like last time. Neither can mom. Just promise you’ll be careful.”

“I will be careful. I promise.” Lance nodded, his eyebrows raised, his bright green eyes glimmering.

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