Snippet Sunday 8/14: In-depth Evaluation

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No rhyme or reason to today’s snippet. I picked a random chapter from a random story, copied and pasted whatever caught my eye. I’m kind of vain about this story though. I really enjoyed letting loose and writing this one. One of my faves.

From Same Time Next Week, enjoy today’s Snip!

Shelby shifted on the couch so that she was on her knees next him. She was going to distract him from whatever was on his mind, one way or another. “I’ll just take your word for it. But uhm, can you help me figure out if there’s anything under here that’s sexy?”

His eyes dropped to her chest, where the folds of a frosted white satin robe, so micro that it may as well have been called a shirt, were being pulled open and skin was slowly revealed. Her entire wardrobe that night was new, from the frilly blouse with the endless neckline and skintight leather pants to the slinky, nearly see-through robe and the lacy lingerie underneath. He hardly noticed when she let him in, excused herself and came back out to the den in something considerably more comfortable. A DVD was already in the player and he was already zoning out. Disappointed, she curled up next to him and tried to enjoy the movie and just be happy he had the mind to put his arm around her.

Now that she had his attention, she had no intention of letting it go.

“Under here?” The tip of his finger poked under a flap of the robe, pulling it open further. A burst of red peeked out from underneath. “Well I have to examine it to be able to tell, really.”

“Oh, do you have to? I thought maybe you could just look and be able to tell.”

“I can, usually. But sexiness of this magnitude really needs an in-depth evaluation.”

“Hmmm. You think? What does an… in- depth evaluation entail?”

“I’d tell you but I’d much rather show you. If I may.”

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