Six Sentence Sunday 7/17: Nowhere Man

Posted 17 July, 2011 by DLWhite in Writers Write 34 Comments

It’s another Six Sentence Sunday, where writers post six– yes, only six— sentences to showcase their work.

Today’s sentences come, by request of a very faithful reader,  from my most recent finished story entitled Nowhere Man, about a man who is homeless and is befriended by a woman who seems to have been watching over him for quite some time. Part angel, part rebel, this woman (Nix) takes her new friend on an outing. On this outing, he meets her gaggle of friends, some rough-and-tumble guys from the “South Side”. One friend in particular doesn’t take too kindly to the new guy sniffing around his friend.

Colin, the bear of a man that had greeted Phee first, exploded into the bathroom and before JC realized it, he was pinned to the wall by Colin’s enormous hand and his feet dangled a good half inch off of the floor. He could breathe—barely—but his heart thumped out of his chest and he was starting to panic.

“You fuckin’ around with Nix?” A snarl replaced his playful demeanor from earlier in the day, accompanied by dark, beady eyes and bushy eyebrows knit together in fury. “Answer me, fucker!”

Eyes desperately large and earnestly round, JC shook his head and clawed at Colin’s hand, squealing, “N-N-No, swear to God, I’m not!”

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34 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday 7/17: Nowhere Man”

  1. jennyrlowery

    Aww, a champion.  This sounds like a really sweet story-I will have to read more.  Thanks for the six!

  2. Cate Masters

    Good answer! I’d hate to think what would happen to him otherwise. :) Excellent visuals.

  3. Liana Brooks

    Gee, what a charmer. Can’t say I like the big guy, doesn’t he think Nix is old enough to make her own decisions?