Six Sentence Sunday- 4/17

Posted 17 April, 2011 by DLWhite in Snips&Shorts, WIPs, Writers Write 12 Comments

Welcome to another Six Sentence Sunday, a project that even YOU- yes YOU, unpublished, fledgling, wannabe, aspiring writer can participate in! Got a blog and at least six sentences? Sign up HERE and share them each Sunday!

I skipped last week because I didn’t want to join in again until I had something to share from the new project. I hesitate to call it a novel because if I do, then I get all overwhelmed and stop working on it. That said, I have some sentences from said new project.

In this scene, Maxine, a buxom, attractive, but terribly vain and overly self confident woman is stewing over a man she wants, but seems to be hopelessly attracted to her less attractive, more homely, girl-next-door friend. I love this scene because I can almost see her pouting and stomping her feet in a childish fit:

Maxine plunked her debit card onto the counter and slid it toward Ruby, not even listening to what the old lady was mumbling about.

Her mind was consumed with Malcolm. How had Renee managed to get an invite to dinner? And why had he seemed so happy to be sitting with her? And why hadn’t he shown the least bit of interest towards Maxine? She was irresistible—many, many men told her so.

That’s it for this Sunday! Please check out the other entries at  or via the hashtag #sundaysix or #sixsunday on twitter.

12 Responses to “Six Sentence Sunday- 4/17”

  1. Cate Masters

    Maxine sounds like a character readers love to hate! :) Great insight into her character.

  2. Sarah Grimm

    Great six! Sounds like a wonderful, um, project, yeah, that’s what I’ll call it. lol Keep at it!

  3. Maxine gets her comeuppance! I, too, hestitate to call a work-in-progress a novel. It stops the flow. I just write and what it turns out to be is what it is…

  4. I like the ‘project’ term. Make the process more appealing. But I”ll stick with ‘headache’. Cause every time I work on the new WIP I come up with another deviously delightful twist to the story.
    Anyway, back to your six. Great. She seem a tad conceited?