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Genre: Non Fiction
Subject: Personal
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Subject Matter Expert

A Subject Matter Expert, or SME is someone with special knowledge of a particular area. Say, accounting or software development. These are people that non-experts look to for answers to tough problems.

Have a question that no one can answer? Ask the SME, they probably know and can solve your problem in a jiffy.

Are there SME’s for life? I’m not talking about a Life Coach, or that bossy person you know who hasn’t achieved half of what you want to do but appears to know a lot of pithy quotes and can suggest books and activities to help you achieve your goals.

I’m talking about SME for Life. A Subject Matter Expert for LIFE.

Should I go back to college and get another degree? What would my Life SME say about that?

Should I move out of my apartment and buy a house? My Life SME would know.

Am I appreciated at work? My Life SME could tell me with more assurance than I could tell myself.

Are my friendships genuine and lifelong? I would honestly believe any positive answer but if my Life SME could tell me ‘yes’ with confidence, I could believe it and stop worrying about it.

Should I settle for that one person I kind of don’t like but appears to be the only person paying attention to me? I’d probably agree with my Life SME that settling is not really an option, but it would sound better and more resolute coming from an expert.

I feel like if I could get answers to life’s most difficult questions, and if those answers could come from an expert, then I wouldn’t be stabbing in the dark, hoping I’m hitting my target, and then when the light comes on I find out that I’m all outside of it and nowhere near it.

I’m a SME on certain things, too. For example:

How to be so shy that you can’t make friends.

How to get yourself stuck in a rut so deep, you can’t see over the edges of the ditch you find yourself trudging in.

How to overextend yourself, feel obligated to everyone and everything but be too proud to accept help from others.

How to feel like if you’re not the prettiest, smartest, most fashionable, most personally likeable person in the room, you’re a failure.

Sometimes I talk about things that bother me and people say, “me, too. I feel that way, too.”

So other people are hypersensitive and question if people really love them and overthink their actions and feel bad about bad thoughts?

I’m not the only one that self criticizes and picks at my flaws and pushes people away who attempt to make me feel better?

I’m not the only one who doesn’t feel gifted or special, who doesn’t have birds chirping outside her window, who often feels alone in a room full of people?

Aren’t we all Subject Matter Experts on some things?

Couldn’t we all help each other?

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