Not so much a rejection as…

Posted 22 March, 2011 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans, Submissions, Writers Write 2 Comments

…not winning. I have reached a new level as a writer… I have joined the ranks of the “not selected”. Yay?

Back in January I decided that I was going to submit my writing to a publication. I set my goals mighty lofty and since I’d been circling the Glimmer Train wagon for awhile, I decided to submit a short piece of historical fiction called “Hero” for the Very Short Fiction Award and also the Standard Short Story (March 2011). I just read the announcement from Glimmer Train that they have announced the top three (of the Top 25) winners for January 2011. My piece was not on the list.

I did not expect to win, so it’s not a huge disappointment.  I plan to read the pieces chosen when I receive my copy so I can see my competition and what I came up against. And of course I’ll write again and submit again.

I am still up for the Standard Short Story– they won’t announce those winners until March 30, but I’m expecting the same result. I guess this means that I can shelve the piece or submit it elsewhere. I’ve yet to decide if I’m going to do that and if so, where I’ll send it. I need to do more research on Duotrope but I’m so overwhelmed by that site.

My mom liked it. So… there’s that.

2 Responses to “Not so much a rejection as…”

  1. Laurel Garver

    Sorry about the contest, but Glimmer Train is one of the very toughest markets in the world to break into, so don’t take it to heart too much. I love Duotrope…and shudder a little at the extensiveness of it, too! I’ve also been on a short story kick and found that Duotrope isn’t the most extensive on MG fiction markets–it’s better for straight-up literary fiction for adults. Wishing you all the best as you keep submitting.

    • Aw, thanks for the condolences! I wasn’t too upset about it. At least I tried! I’ll have to try to conquer Duotrope someday. It’s really daunting and I’m easily overwhelmed.