I’m writing, I swear. Swear.

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I wrote some last night, almost 2000 words. Then I did some editing and writing at work today. I got up to a particular point– a pivotal scene… okay it’s a sex scene. I couldn’t write that at work, what with people coming up behind me. I got up to almost 9K words. Since this is a double chapter, I have ~9000 more to go. :/

Reading as well. My good friend and author Rebecca Abbot Miller just finished her new book Going Home (third in the Quintessential Series) and I got to read the final chapters. Can’t wait until it’s out and everyone can read it. I’m still trying to get through Columbine as well. It’s a really tough read. I think I just started chapter 19 and I have about 1/3 of the book to go. I’ve been interspersing it with lighter fare, lest I get depressed myself.

I’m glad I wrote some earlier because I had a few other issues to sort out tonight and wouldn’t have had time to concentrate on writing. I’m still planning to read for a bit tonight… in fact as soon as I press publish!

Oh, as an added note, one of my “real life” friends read my 2009 NaNo project and she loved it! I’m beaming! Yay.

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