DIY MFA Homework Assignment 3: 20 Questions

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This lesson encourages the development of a character through asking and answer questions.

Homework: Use this technique for one of your existing characters or create a new one.  Now write a short scene with that character, where at least three of these details are revealed.  This can be something completely new or an extension of a piece you’re already writing.

I’m using a character that I invented for my new project– her name is Renee Glenwood and she owns a neighborhood bookstore. She’s mousy and quiet, more old fashioned than next-generation, but she’s pretty and funny without really knowing (or appreciating) these qualities about herself.

The 20 Questions are:

  1. Male / Female  
  2. Old soul / Young at heart
  3. Left brain / Right brain
  4. Glass half-empty / Glass half-full
  5. City / Country
  6. Big spender / Penny pincher
  7. Loves water / Can’t swim
  8. Glasses / Tattoo
  9. Dogs / Cats
  10. Hybrid car / SUV
  11. Bites nails / Always manicured
  12. Chocolate syrup / Hot sauce
  13. Coffee / Tea
  14. Overgrown garden / Plastic plants
  15. Always tells the truth / Lies when necessary
  16. Organic food / Fast food
  17. Straight hair / Curly hair
  18. Soft-spoken / Loudmouth
  19. PBS / Reality TV
  20. Motto: “Do or die” / “Look before you leap”

I am supposed to write a scene including the above attributes… I will post that when I finish it. I need to find some way to weave all of these details together…

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