Busy, busy…

Posted 26 February, 2011 by DLWhite in Writers Write 1 Comment

I’ve decided to try and get active in the writing community. Finally. Yeah… I’m slightly slow. *chuckle* I’ve been looking at some events going on in the next few months and there are some exciting things I don’t want to miss.

I am also looking for some local camaraderie, maybe some writer’s groups, conferences and events. I joined the Atlanta Writer’s Club and the Georgia Writer’s Association. Through these groups, I’ve found a few things going on that I plan to (and am excited to) attend!

  • March 30- Kathryn Stockett is speaking a Savannah College of Art and design. I own The Help in audiobook and eBook, but I WILL buy a print copy so I can have her sign it!
  • May 20,21- Atlanta Writer’s Conference- There is an opportunity to have some work critiqued, to pitch a book (if I’d written one), to attend a panel discussion and a workshop. I intend to be at the workshop and mixer following, and then the panel discussion the next morning. My friend Kim jokes that I could have a manuscript ready for critique by the April 17th registration deadline… she has a point. But I haven’t even started writing anything, so..
  • There are a number of workshops and conferences coming up. I’m excited to hear some authors speak and meet other writers.
MamaSaid is at a bit of a standstill. I have a few ideas to spark interest… I just need to gather a few materials and push it again. I’ve determined, now that it will take awhile to gather what I need. It’s not like it will come together in a few months.
I’m happy to say that my brain seems to be buzzing with new ideas, again. They’re just inklings, still developing, but they’re ideas, nonetheless. Going to try to develop one of them into something.

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