A post I needed to read today – On Starting and not Stopping

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I just stumbled onto this post this morning… well not really stumbled, since I follow Confident Writing via Google Reader, but you know what I mean. At first I was just going to mark all as read the way I’ve been doing for awhile because I don’t feel like reading writing posts right now, but the introductory quote caught my eye:


“It’s a lovely piece of writing”, he said, somewhat wistfully. “It’s beautiful”, he said, and handed back the poem. “But what’s the point of me writing when I’ll never be able to write something as good as that?”

I went on to read the 9 Reasons to not stop yourself from starting (which I have been muy mucho guilty of lately, and I don’t even speak spanish). I encourage you to check out the entire post, because it is rather encouraging on a very basic, simple, easy-for-this-writer-to-understand level:

1. Writing has a ripple effect –  How many times have I opened a WIP and got to work on something because  I read something that inspired something in me? In effect, writing makes others write. It happened to me and can happen to someone else. 

2. Your writing can only improve through practice – I know for a fact, by reading things I wrote years ago, months ago, weeks ago, that this is true. 

3.  No-one else has your perspective, experience, or voice – This is something I struggle with. I really feel like I am not saying anything new or revealing. Maybe there are no new ideas just different ways to present them?

4. You never know the difference your words will make – I don’t talk about my fanfiction must here but I was voted an “Inspiring Writer” by the community where I post my stories. That actually means a lot to me. It also adds PRESSURE.

5. Writing changes you-  That it does. I really feel like it forces us to look past the surface to a deeper meaning, a better understanding. It also pulls us toward the road less traveled. I am always seeking a transformation through words, a change via imagery.  Who wants to be the same old person after you’ve read the last word?  BRINGING that experience to someone is harder than it sounds. 

6. Writing changes your relationship with what you’re writing about– Definitely experienced this in some of my longer pieces. All I Wanna Do became a part of me. It was my baby for a long, long time. Same with Same Time Next Week and Nowhere Man. 

7. The focus on ‘the point’ is only one way of looking at the world-  Sometimes the fuzzy stuff in the background is the most important part of a photo. 

8. Words want to be free-– Instead of banging around inside my head all haphazard?

9. It’s not just about writing – It is a journey. But it’s one that is walked. Barefoot. Uphill, both ways, in the snow. 

I have been saying it for awhile but I do believe I’ll be back to writing soon. I’m really frustrated and daunted by this new project, mostly because I don’t know where it’s going quite yet. I don’t think I am the pantser that I claim to be. I might have to *gasp* plot and outline! [Insert JAWS theme here].

I did grab some Novel Planning worksheets and I (swear) am printing them out right now. Got to think through this project and then get to writing it. I have to have some kind of progress by the 23rd, which is when Brunch group meets again and people will ask…. so how’s that book coming? 




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