#FridayReads- The Distracted Version

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Ugh, I’ve GOT to get back on my reading schedule! I’ve been so distracted. I’ve hardly read at all and I haven’t finished ONE book this month. My January was way ambitious, but I was more worried about my writing schedule than my reading schedule, so I was trying to get caught up on words. Let’s dig in:

I have officially given up on Stiff. I just don’t feel like finishing it. I’m not going to take it off of my reading list but it won’t show up on Friday Reads again until I am actually reading it.

Damage: I’m still working on this one. It’s just now getting good, a hundred and some pages in. I miss one of the pivotal characters of the older books, Dismas Hardy. I love Glitsky but I’m not a huge fan of Wes Farrell so having him as a major character in this book instead of Dismas is bumming me out. But the story is catching on so I’ll stick with it.

Crash Into Me:  I cracked this book open just last night. It is a FirstReads Advanced Reading Copy– have I mentioned that I love this program? FREE new books to read! This is a true story, one I’m sure you’ve heard about, in which a woman receives a letter from the man that raped her in college. He ask for forgiveness. She drums up the courage to prosecute him. It’s a pretty thin book so I am sure I can get through it in no time. Can’t wait– I’m only a few pages in but it’s okay so far.

Slammerkin: This is a thick, rich book. And while I typically love a thick, rich book, it is set in London and some of the dialect is a tough to understand. I’m muddling through it, but it’s taking some time to get through. I’m pretty spoiled with my Nook, so having two physical books on my reading list is slowing me down, some. Making it, though.

Roseflower Creek: I WANT To read this book. I just haven’t had the time to even look at it. Not taking it off the list quite yet.

And of course I am in the final hour or so of The Help AudioBook. I ADORE this book. Just love it. I got it for my mom but she has yet to add it to her iPod. I can’t wait for her to read it!

That’s it for Friday Reads. What are YOU reading?

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