Book #60 and the last book of 2011…

Posted 31 December, 2011 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans, Writers Read 0 Comments

Yeah I am kind of morbid, but I’d wanted to read this one for awhile. I guess when you work in the funeral/cremation business, you have to keep a sense of humor. This book was surprisingly funny and an intriguiging look into an icredibly depressing business. What is always so impressive and compelling, when I read books and watch shows on the funeral business, is how much respect there is for the deceased. Always very reverent– whatever the family wants, the family gets.

A bit dry, but also very educating about past, present and history of death care– from clock urns to green cremation. Very interesting.

This brings my reading year to a close, though I do have a couple of books I’ve started. Tomorrow brings a brand new challenge…. I don’t know what to set my goal for, for 2012. Maybe I’ll push myself past 60 and go for 80?

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