30 Days of Books – Day 20 – Favorite romance book

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Day 20 – Favorite romance book

I am not really huge on romances. I find them pretty unrealistic and they make me roll my eyes more than anything– and I’m not just talking Harlequin. A romance has to be really good to hold my attention, i.e it has to be more than Bucky and Lucille rolling around in the hay in secret. Probably the only romance author I’ve read is LaVyrle Spencer,author of contemporary and historical romance. She retired from writing in 1997, but before then she published 25 romance novels about much more than romance. Her heroines are not shrinking violets, nor are they shrews. Her male main characters aren’t larger than life or unrealistic.

I really love all of her work, but the one book that stands out to me is Forgiving. THIS is the book that made me love historical romance.

From Goodreads:

Sarah Merritt arrives in Deadwood, Dakota territory, in 1876 with her father’s printing press and two ambitions–to find her sister Addie and to establish a local newspaper. In a town of mining bachelors, Sarah quickly becomes the center of attention in more ways than one, particularly when she knocks heads with marshal Noah Campbell, her soon-to-be romantic interest. Sarah finds Addie working in a local brothel and commences a long struggle to win back her affection and her soul. She writes to Addie’s former fiance, who comes to Deadwood and joins her in pursuing Addie’s salvation, an endeavor which will force them all to confront an ugly secret from the past.

This book, from the amazon reviews, seems to have been panned as a B Grade Western drama. I just didn’t see it that way. I loved Sarah and my heart ached for Addie and I rooted for Noah. *shrug* I liked it.

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