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Well. I can breathe and there is no longer a fear of imminent death or otherwise dramatic conclusion, so I guess I am doing better. Still a bit coughy and sinusy but I feel more like it’s clearing out. If there was any more visible sign that I feel better, it’s that my mind has been allowing me to think about writing again. I’m still cloudy and there are pieces and snips, but at least they’re there.

I don’t think I am doing NaNo this year, mostly because I don’t have a viable idea and because I don’t really need the pressure. I did sign up for our annual holiday challenge at the fan fiction archive so I know I will write at least one more story this year. I have another that I am trying to piece together in my mind but it’s not really cooperating. I’m not in a hurry so I’m taking my time.

I don’t know if it’s just me being sick but I haven’t really kept up on my writing twitter and blog feeds. It seems there is so much advice and information that I don’t know what to follow or what to disregard, what to incorporate and what to leave alone. I am easily overwhelmed and with NaNoWriMo approaching, there’s just. so. much. out there! I see so many tips, hints, guidelines, 136 Do’s and 4,593 don’ts, and here’s 13 books you need to read RIGHT NOW to be a good writer… UNPH. I think all this ‘advice’ is killing my mojo. I’m so worried about being a bad writer and writing a bad story that I can’t write.

That’s my update for this Writing Wednesday… we get our matches for Secret Santa next week so hopefully by next Wednesday, I will have more of an idea of what I’m writing. Should be fun!

OH! I also got John Grisham’s new book The Litigators yesterday! YAYYYYYYYY. I love me some Grisham, and I’ve already started reading so by #FridayReads time I’ll have a new entry and hopefully by #JustRead Monday,  I will have finished it (because I plan to do nothing but sleep and read this weekend)!

 Is anyone out there ? How YOU doin’? 

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