I’ve got a book idea and I’m going for it!

Posted 8 February, 2011 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans 1 Comment

There is a long prologue to this entry that involves a few months of ignoring a nagging idea and finally giving in to it and then pushing full steam ahead. It was not the original first piece of publishing I had in mind, but… it’s going to happen!

The book I want to write falls in the genre of literary or narrative nonfiction– it’s not made up, but it’s not a memoir.  The idea came about from a visit with my mother and her best friend, who were throwing back and forth these old, southern, black momma sayings that they’d heard all through childhood. I’d heard them to0, and knew them well. Some of them I couldn’t even define, I just knew they meant ‘hurry up’, or ‘get home’ or ‘be good’.

I know that black mamas aren’t the only mamas with sayings and stories and sage advice. My idea was to start gathering this information from people I know, eventually working my way to people I don’t know, widening the circle further and further until I’ve got a wide variety of what I’m calling Words from the Mouth of Mom.

Tentatively titled Mama Said, it’s meant to be a gift to my mother and I’m hoping it can be a gift to yours as well.

But… I can’t write a book based on just things my mother says. I need stories, sayings, advice, words of wisdom from moms all over the world! I’ve launched a website as a collection point– it could not be easier to submit your contributions to Mama Said!

If you would, please oh please spread the word? Link your visitors to this blog or straight to Things My Mama Said. I assure you that anything collected will only be used in the most pleasurable of lights and purposes!

My dream would be to have the book published professionally–my knees quiver at the thought– but I’d like to actually collect material and see what I have to work with first and decide if I’ll go with independent publishing or try to sell the book.

That means I need to be busy and to be busy I NEED YOU! Well, I need your stories.

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