Posted 12 December, 2011 by DLWhite in Goals & Plans 0 Comments

123,474. That’s my total word count for 2011. Quite a bit shy of my goal of 350K, so it’s a good thing I dropped that challenge, eh?

I’ve finished my Secret Santa story for the fiction archive and I don’t plan to do anymore writing this year, so I’m publishing this number as my 2011 count. Still not too shabby for a year when I had unplanned, haphazard writing and didn’t have a serial story to update for most of the year.

I’m planning to take January off from writing. My creative muscle is so tired. I have no ideas, really and I feel like I need to feed my imagination. I’ll be spending January reading as much as possible and trying to prime the pump for ideas and goals for the new year.

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