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Just this side of normal…

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Well. I can breathe and there is no longer a fear of imminent death or otherwise dramatic conclusion, so I guess I am doing better. Still a bit coughy and sinusy but I feel more like it’s clearing out. If there was any more visible sign that I feel better, it’s that my mind has been allowing me to think about writing again. I’m still cloudy and there are pieces and snips, but at least they’re there.

I don’t think I am doing NaNo this year, mostly because I don’t have a viable idea and because I don’t really need the pressure. I did sign up for our annual holiday challenge at the fan fiction archive so I know I will write at least one more story this year. I have another that I am trying to piece together in my mind but it’s not really cooperating. I’m not in a hurry so I’m taking my time.

I don’t know if it’s just me being sick but I haven’t really kept up on my writing twitter and blog feeds. It seems there is so much advice and information that I don’t know what to follow or what to disregard, what to incorporate and what to leave alone. I am easily overwhelmed and with NaNoWriMo approaching, there’s just. so. much. out there! I see so many tips, hints, guidelines, 136 Do’s and 4,593 don’ts, and here’s 13 books you need to read RIGHT NOW to be a good writer… UNPH. I think all this ‘advice’ is killing my mojo. I’m so worried about being a bad writer and writing a bad story that I can’t write.

That’s my update for this Writing Wednesday… we get our matches for Secret Santa next week so hopefully by next Wednesday, I will have more of an idea of what I’m writing. Should be fun!

OH! I also got John Grisham’s new book The Litigators yesterday! YAYYYYYYYY. I love me some Grisham, and I’ve already started reading so by #FridayReads time I’ll have a new entry and hopefully by #JustRead Monday,  I will have finished it (because I plan to do nothing but sleep and read this weekend)!

 Is anyone out there ? How YOU doin’? 

Greetings from my bed…

If it’s not one thing, it’s another. Two weeks of traveling for business as well as pleasure, catching up, launching a challenge at the fanfiction archive and general life living have run me down. I’m sick. *hacksnifflesneeze* I’m hoping that after a lot of rest this weekend I will be back in the usual groove. Or… I will have established a new groove…? The benefit to being bed ridden is that I can read to my heart’s content. Between Nyquil induced sessions of passing out. YAY! Catch you all next week!

Rooted Nook Color- I feel like it’s brand new again!

Rooted Nook Color- I feel like it’s brand new again!

I’ve had my Nook Color for nearly a year and have been happy with it but lately have been wondering how I could spice it up some, since it had limited web browsing. B&N helped by launching an app store, but many of the apps are too expensive (especially when they come stock on my phones). $1.99 for a calculator? Are you MAD? Plus the B&N app store isn’t varied at all.  It’s much like having 500 cable channels but there’s nothing to watch. So I took the next step and ‘rooted‘ it.  Rooting basically gives you SuperUser access to be able to change the User Interface and add options like the Android market, themes, etc.  There are ways to perma-root your device, but it honestly read like Greek to me. I went the easy route and ordered an 8G microsd card from It comes with the root software on it. Super easy! Install the sd card, boot, and viola you go from: to I was having some issues connecting to the Android market, so I emailed RootMyNookColor them and someone answered right away and spent an hour and a half walking me through troubleshooting to get it to work. I now have a small Android tablet that is pretty freaking neato! The only reason I really wanted to do it was so that I could have my Kindle and my Nook books on ONE device, including all my self loaded books. I’m a HAPPY girl and this’ll tide me over for quite awhile, until I feel like I need a tablet with data service. FYI, the Nook Color was $249 when it launched and is now $149 and dropping.

Catching Up!

It’s been a whirlwind week at Chez Jones, and this week is going to be a bit of one, too. Therefore, I got no writing done. Not really a big deal since I have zero ideas and nothing I’m really working on ATM. Im  fresh out of ideas, so maybe this is a good time for another one of those breaks I’m so famous for. I did a lot of flying and a lot of waiting in hotel rooms, so I got some reading done, so much that I am two books ahead of my GoodReads goal for 2011! Woot! I only have 10 more books to read to hit my goal of 50 books read this year. Amazingly awesome. Quite proud of that, even though it makes me sound like the most boring person on the planet. Oh, well. I won’t have any issues finding books to read… I’ve ordered a crapton over the last week, all to do with the WIP I thought I was writing for NaNoWriMo. Crazy thing? I don’t want to write that story anymore. Bleh. I wish I had an idea I cared about that would stick. Anywhoozle. This coming weekend I am going to be out of town so hopefully I will find something to write about this week.  

DIYMFA Saturday Prompt

DIYMFA Saturday Prompt

Today we did a prompt based on a photo. We were to pick one and answer a few questions and then write a 500 word scene. I wrote it, but it didn’t go so well for me. I had a hard time coming up with a story line, and then once I did, and wrote it, and edited it, it evolved into something I didn’t intend to write, at first. As to of this sparked a longer story… nope. It was all I could do to get these words out. I don’t particularly have a connection with the person in the photo that I chose. It was difficult to determine, story wise, what he was doing and why. At first I wanted him to be a bit of a peeping Tom but as I started editing, the story started changing, and now he’s seen something disturbing. Here is the photo: And here is my submission: