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Kindle Fire or stick to my Nook Color? A comparison…

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It’s no secret that I’m a Gadget Geek. I own two Smartphones, a laptop, a DVR, and an eReader.  Rather than look at shoes and skirts and jewelry and makeup, I’m interested in the next big thing coming down the Tech Pipeline.

This week, social media has been all-twitter (pun intended) with the release of the Kindle Fire. I ignored the announcement at first because I went with a Nook Color instead of a Kindle for specific reasons. I’ve recently heard rumors that Barnes & Noble may have a Nook Color 2 in the works and now my interest is piqued!

Note:  I’m a Geek, not a Nerd. :)  I’m not well versed on highly technical terminology and requirements.  Ice Cream Sandwich is a yummy after dinner treat to me, not a software term. I look at eReaders and gadgets and try to imagine everything I might want to do with the product. There are hundreds of technical blogs and TechNerds battling over those details out there. This blog is purely regarding my interest in tablets and eReaders.

When I was searching for a device, I needed to answer a few questions:

1) How much am I willing to pay for it?

2) What, exactly, am I planning to do with it?

3) Do I need it? And if not, what additions or options might sway me to purchase it?

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DIYMFA: Collecting Characters

DIYMFA: Collecting Characters

Characters  are my favorite topics to talk about, because I love a character I can sink my teeth into. A well-rounded character will have an entire history his or her own and I will know them like the back of my hand, to the point where I can predict what s/he will say or do in a certain situation. This week we’re talking about our characters and how we collect them. Do we have a grouping of people hanging out in our heads or on paper waiting to be written? Are they stolen from real life and pieced together? My writing style is usually plot driven, mostly because I have […]

The Sunday Snippet: Trapped By Everything He Is

The Sunday Snippet: Trapped By Everything He Is

Haven’t done this for a few weeks, so here’s a snip!   This is from All I Wanna Do, a novel length serial about the ultimate fan girl fantasy– meeting, dating, and falling in love with a member of the band… except that it’s not as glamorous as one might imagine.  In this scene, my lovebirds have had their biggest blowout yet and Serena has temporarily moved out, expecting JC to come after her. But he doesn’t and now she’s stuck. This conversation is between her and his brother:

DIYMFA: Learning From The Masters- Reading List

DIYMFA: Learning From The Masters- Reading List

This week’s prompt is more of a list. Actually, it is exactly a list, a reading list of books from several categories: Competitive– My WIP’s closest competition Informative– Research books and those that match my WIP in subject but not exactly genre Contemporary– This list will likely flux the most. It is basically what sits at the top of my TBR Pile- new and exciting books in my genre that I can’t wait to read. The Classics – Self explanatory. I find I’ve read more of these than I thought I had. I picked a few I’d like to read but I’m sure this list will change as well. I’ve […]

DIYMFA: Books on Writing, in which I confess…

DIYMFA: Books on Writing, in  which I confess…

A brief note before I post: Day three of the 30 Day Writing challenge is up on my Tumblr! If you’re participating by blog or Tumblr please let me know so I can follow! So, today we are discussing building a library on the craft of writing. And I have a confession to make: I buy writing books all the time but don’t read them. I have several books of writing exercises but don’t really make use of them. It hasn’t been a medium that has been effective for me… it’s that feeling of flipping through a book and realizing it’s in a language you can’t read. In fact, I […]