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Six Sentence Sunday- 6/12: Debra & David

Posted 12 June, 2011 by DLWhite in Snips&Shorts, WIPs, Writers Write 27 Comments

Today’s post is from the new project! Yay. I was editing and rewriting some scenes I wrote in April and decided I’d make this section my Sunday Six.

ETA– A little background: Debra is an Adminstrator at a Junior High school, married for 12 years to her high school sweetheart. David is a young, virile, man. He teaches P.E. at the school and is the opposite of Willard. His youth and the excitement of being with him makes him impossible to resist. Against her better judgement, she had an affair. The night before this scene, she’s just told her husband about David, so things are tense.


Debra sputtered, her eyelids twitching in mounting irritation. “You thought I would just pack a bag and come see you the night after I tell my husband I want a divorce?”

“Not like that, but the whole point of coming clean was so that you could be free to live your life the way you want to live it, including coming to see me when you feel like it.”

“David, I have a twelve year old at home that doesn’t know her family is falling apart, so no…you will not be seeing me tonight.”

“Guess not, since you’re the boss,” he mumbled after along beat of silence, his frustration coming through loud and clear.

“That’s right, and don’t you forget it.”

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New feature…Formspring me!

New feature…Formspring me!

So, I tried this awhile back on my now defunct personal blog and no one ever asked me anything. I deemed it stupid and pointless and deleted it and never reconsidered doing it again. Skip ahead a year or so, I haven’t been writing or reading, I have reached the end of the internet and I’m bored… as well, maybe SOMEONE out there has a question… or something? Anyway, I decided to set up the ole formspring again. If anyone has any questions, comments, ideas, observations to share, please be sure to pop them in that box and send them right on up! I guess…. I will consider a request […]

So it’s June. And I am back. Sorta.

I took some time off of writing during May, which I needed. Desperately. During that time, I didn’t write or read or obsessively check my writing twitter account. I marked as read most of my google reader “Writers and Writing” blog posts. I don’t think I’ve opened Goodreads all month. And while I ran a challenge at the fiction archive, I didn’t even get an inkling of a new story to write. I read snippets of a few but honestly not a lot keeps my attention as of late.