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A rare “That Didn’t Suck” moment

Another chapter (technically two) down the hatch in my fanfiction serial All I Wanna Do. It’s amazing to me, the effect that reading has on my writing. It’s my goal this year to keep it up and let the two feed each other. The more I write, the more I read. And the more I read, the better I write. Chapters 59&60 are set in Greece- they’re still on vacation. They are the last two Greece chapters because I just didn’t want to go on and on. For one, the research and keeping things sounding authentic slows down the process a lot. I need a visual so I can show, […]

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Heidi W Durrow [Review]

The Girl Who Fell From The Sky by Heidi W Durrow [Review]

Rachel Morse is the soul survivor of a horrific tragedy, brought from Chicago, IL to live with her grandmother and aunt in Portland Oregon. Rachel creates within her self a “new girl”… the old girl is gone, dead with the rest of her family. This new girl struggles to navigate a different life in Portland. Back home, her parents – a white German woman and a black soldier, never told her she was black. They never prepared her for a world where her kinky, curly hair and bright blue eyes would land her smack in the middle of two races, able to identify with neither.

One Year to a Writing Life- January Prompt [GYWO]

From: One Year to a Writing Life by Susan M. Tiberghien [B&N | Amazon]. Lesson One: Journal Writing So why journal? Here are some of the reasons. — To establish the habit of writing (A writer writes.) — To capture memories (places, characters, conversations, events) — To discover what you think and feel (each time going deeper) — To find your voice (When does your writing sound the most natural? Look at your entries to see at what time of day and in what place you write most easily. Track your writing habits.) — To take risks (in a private place) — To plant seeds for stories (move from image to story) […]

Columbine by Dave Cullen [Review]

Columbine by Dave Cullen [Review]

Dave Cullen’s Columbine is a circuitous tale through the days leading up to and following the 1999 massacre at Columbine High School. I find myself appalled and shocked and saddened at the loss of life and the immense sadness and pain of the families of the Thirteen who died as well as the survivors still fighting for life everyday.

[Review] Still Alice by Lisa Genova

Lisa Genova presents a wonderfully and realistically woven, touching story about Alice Howland. Mother, wife, esteemed Harvard Professor, Research Analyst, Thesis Advisor– all around very important woman, busy and in full control of her life. Slowly, instances begin to pop up that seem strange and disconcerting, but also fleeting. She feels ridiculous even making mention of them until they start happening with more frequency and severity.

Back to the Grind, yo.

I don’t know where that yo came from. I just suddenly feel like Marky Mark. Trying to stay on track/ ahead of my 1000 words/ day posting schedule. This is what keeps me on track for the year. I don’t aim for 1000 words and then stop, but I don’t stop until I hit 1000 words. Sometimes, like tonight, I go a bit over if inspiration strikes. Inspiration didn’t take me too far over 1000 tonight. I managed to get in 1,124 before it started to drone on and get boring. I’m going to break for a bit and if I feel like moving on tonight I will. Chances are […]

The first 10,000 words of the year…

A new chapter in my fan fiction serial saga “All I Wanna Do” has been posted at my archive here and at the fan fiction archive here. It is just barely 10,000 words or the maximum that can fit into one chapter on efiction archive software. I’m hoping that since I have the initial travel and the first day down, that I can skip through a few days in the next chapter while still making it meaningful. It has to be about more than looking at ruins. The relationship has to sort of… change… on this trip. At least that’s my plan! What I liked about this chapter: I don’t know, […]

I’m writing, I swear. Swear.

I wrote some last night, almost 2000 words. Then I did some editing and writing at work today. I got up to a particular point– a pivotal scene… okay it’s a sex scene. I couldn’t write that at work, what with people coming up behind me. I got up to almost 9K words. Since this is a double chapter, I have ~9000 more to go. :/ Reading as well. My good friend and author Rebecca Abbot Miller just finished her new book Going Home (third in the Quintessential Series) and I got to read the final chapters. Can’t wait until it’s out and everyone can read it. I’m still trying […]