Writing Prompt Generator: GENIUS

Posted 6 January, 2010 by DLWhite in Writers Write 1 Comment

HEY HEY! I’m ALIVE! *waves madly*

Hi there. So I was sifting through my Google reader this morning and I came upon an entry at AuthorCulture about a writing contest. I’ve been thinking about doing prompts again, getting myself to write shorter pieces, short stories, even seeing if I can get some published or reposted about the net. There are writing contests everywhere– I just read a great entry at Writer’s Digest by a blogger that I follow, Cheryl Angst. It’s a great piece that made me laugh out loud.

Anyhoo. So, on AuthorCulture, they linked to this prompt generator called The BrainStormer (click on the image to go the site):

It’s pretty neat… you just spin the wheel and you get three words as your prompt. Don’t like ’em? Spin again! It’s fun!  So I spun! And I got my prompt words:

Adultery     Small town    clock

Ooooh I already have ideas. So my piece has to be 750 to 1000 words. Ya’ll know how wordy I am, so therein lies the challenge. Wrap that baby up in fewer than 100,000 words!

I’m excited! I may not enter the contest because the theme has to be very PG, no blatant sexual content. We’ll see what I can do. I’m a genius at writing AROUND sex. Lol.

Okay but first I have to get to work, and I have some personal stuff to take care of, too so off I go!

Pen in hand,

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