Well hello, old friend…

Posted 15 July, 2010 by DLWhite in WIPs, Writers Write 2 Comments

The weirdest thing has been happening, all week. Well, first of all, I’ve been writing. Which after such a dry spell is a great miracle. My latest entry of AIWD was so difficult to complete! I wrote the chapter three times and still didn’t really accomplish what I wanted with it, but the third rendition was the closest. I am learning to not be afraid to scrap things and start over. It’s never going to be perfect out of the gate.

Since I was having such a hard time with the last chapter of AIWD, I was longing for something new and different to write, to get me out of the funk. Something easy, or something that came to me easier, instead of struggling over every word and trying to make them string together and make perfect sense. And then….

Same Time Next Week… the bane of my existence… my unfinished 2009 NaNoWriMo… the story that was not going to be finished… started talking to me. It started telling me where I could back the story up to and where I could lop off the diseased portion and where I could take the story from the new jumping off point. I’ve been rearranging the last two days and tonight actually added new words. And got to a point tonight that makes me excited to jump in tomorrow. DRAMZ, ya’ll!

Ugh. So excited. And so happy that ideas are flowing, and that I’m not struggling. I just needed to focus on something different, and this story is much looser with language and sexuality so I can uh… let some things flow. LOL. I guess I just need the release and every once in while I need to pull myself out of AIWD and do something else. Since I can’t quite get started on that Criminal Minds fanfic. HA!

But seriously, it’s still rolling around in my brain. *smacks self* Stop it!

My only issue is how to post the new version at the archive because I already have great feedback on what’s there and some of that gets replaced. I’m hoping it will be alright to close the old version and re-upload the same story but a Redux version. So many things are moved around and added that it’d be hard to go in and edit the old chapters. And then the feedback wouldn’t make any sense.

But I think I want to finish it, before I even start to thinking about that…..but it’s nice to think about.

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  1. Congrats on your new-found productivity. I found you through Roni’s blog and appreciated your comments on negative book reviews.

    Have a great weekend!