Not as good as being there, but it’ll do

Posted 13 March, 2010 by DLWhite in Writers Write 0 Comments

I’m writing another chapter in which my characters are in New Orleans in early December. A great part of writing, to me, setting the scene. I beelieve (or I read it somewhere) that setting is a character. It helps tell your story just like the plot and dialog , so I do a fair amount of research while I write to make sure my descriptions are realistic. I’ve looked at pictures of Bourbon street and the French Quarter and the walking tours and the bars  and read the reviews and the website pages so much that I really, seriously think I need to go there, now.

Just like I needed to go to New York when I wrote those chapters. And South Carolina, and Orlando. I need my characters to go home because they’re starting to cost me money, planning all of these trips!

I’m giddy to be writing, again. Ideas are flowing. this makes me happy!

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